Lord Huron - Strange Trails (IAMSOUND) E

Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement (Warner) +E/MA

Scott Spark - Muscle Memory (MGM) P/E/M

Basmati Blues - Original Soundtrack and Score E/M

Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams (IAMSOUND) +E/MU

Boys School - A Friend of Mine EP (Independent) +P/E/M

Heath Cullen - The Still and the Steep (Five by Nine/Fuse Records) +P/+E/M/MU

Archer Black - Let It Burn (Independent) M

Jordie Lane - Live at the Wheaty  (Independent) M

Alan Boyle - Forthcoming LP (Independent) M

The Smashing Pumpkins - Live US tour recordings Fall 2011 (Constantinople) E

Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (Interscope) AE/MU

Macy Gray & Kaz James - Can't Hold Back (Sony/BMG) AE

Operator Please - Gloves (Brille/EMI) +P/+E

Chris Pickering - Corners (Independent) +P/E/M

Zenda Marie - Ancient (Independent) P/E/M/MU

The Honey Month - Foliage (Useless Art) +P/+E/M

Jackie Marshall - Ladies' Luck (Vitamin) P/E/M/MU

Chris Pickering - Work of Fiction (Longtime Listener) +E/M/MU

Silent Feature Era - This Old Leather Heart (Plus One) M/AE/AP

Heath Cullen & the 45 - a storm was coming... (Vitamin) M/AE

Temposhark - Winter's Coming (Paper & Glue) M

Dukes of Windsor - The Others (MGM) E

Jackie Marshall - Fight 'n Flight (Vitamin) P/E/M/MU

Mark Seymour - Westgate (Liberation) +E

Plastic Palace Alice - The Great Depression (Inertia) +E/AP

The Golden Circles - Playground (Independent) P/+E/M/MU

Trinkets - Choose Your Own Adventure (Independent) +P/AE

P = Producer
+P = Co-Producer
AP = Additional Production
E = Engineer
+E = Co-Engineer
AE = Additional Engineering
M = Mix Engineer
MU = Musician
MA = Mastering Assistant